Welcome to Naked Thoughts,

I firmly believe that I am not the only woman on this plant that finds work stressful at times!

I was starting to notice that I was not making any time for my hobbies or to relax and enjoy the moments away from work. Thus I did what any working woman who scrolls through Instagram too much would do; I started following yoga profiles and fell in love with it. I hope you are not getting the idea that I am even 1% flexible because that would be false. I spend most of my days in an office chair or checking up on my team and driving. I decided that I would do what any woman with the above issues should do! I decided to discipline myself to learn yoga and relax in my own skin while feeding my body foods that would nourish my soul.

I am not a professional yoga instructor nor am I a nutritionist but this is my adventure to nourish my soul and I would love you all to join on this adventure.

Enjoy Scrolling!