Welcome to Naked Thoughts, I firmly believe that I am not the only woman on this plant that finds work stressful at times! I was starting to notice that I was not making any time for my hobbies or to relax and enjoy the moments away from work. Thus I did what any working woman […]

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Quick Breakfast

We all can agree that it’s hard at times to discipline ourselves to have breakfast. Speaking as a women who leaves for work at 5:30am I’m usually not in the mood to make anything let alone something elaborate. This breakfast is a quick and easy fix that will leave you with lots of energy and […]

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Farmers Market

I was thankful enough to be reminded about the farmers market Sunday event that started up last week in my area. I find it much easier to plan for a healthy week when I can get large amounts of what I need for a realistic price; and without chemicals! “supposedly”. I found some great deals […]

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” YOGA, EAT, WORK, SLEEP” – NakedThoughts

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